Costa Coffee Ad Promotes Female Mutilation In Latest Woke ‘Diversity’ Crusade

by | Aug 7, 2023 | CROWDSOURCE™ | 0 comments

In a perplexing marketing move that has left many outraged, Costa Coffee, a giant in the world of caffeine, has once again found itself brewing in controversy. Using an image of a cartoon ‘trans man’ sporting mastectomy scars, the coffee behemoth is now facing accusations of commercialising and making light of such a sensitive topic. This divisive “Costa Coffee Ad” prompts us to ask: Is there a boundary to brand activism?

It seems like only yesterday when brands were being hailed for their progressive steps towards ‘diversity and inclusion’. However, Costa Coffee’s recent ad campaign has undoubtedly sparked a furious backlash, making many declare the company has gone a step too far. With outraged customers vowing to take their business elsewhere, Costa’s attempt at advocating for ‘inclusivity and diversity’ seems to have horribly backfired.

The cartoon image, which originally was a piece of a mural for Brighton and Hove Pride, has not only upset feminist campaigners but has deeply offended individuals who have undergone mastectomies due to medical reasons, like cancer. Many feel that Costa’s use of such a graphic is not only ‘crass and irresponsible’ but also a glaring example of corporate insensitivity and the overall glorification of the mutilation of healthy women’s bodies.

Vocal critics of the ‘Costa Coffee Ad’ are echoing concerns over the implications it has, particularly towards young and impressionable individuals. “Is commercializing irreversible surgery Costa Coffee’s latest flavour?” quipped one Twitter user, pointing towards the hyper-commercialisation of serious issues for corporate gain.

In an era where woke culture is in full swing, and ESG scores police and rewards their compliance to these trends, it’s no surprise that brands want to jump on the bandwagon. But when does it go from supporting a cause to exploiting it? By attempting to sell coffee using imagery that many find distressing and inappropriate, Costa Coffee might just have provided an answer to that.

Costa Coffee’s response, pointing towards the image being a ‘snapshot of a wider mural’, while defending their celebration of ‘diversity and inclusion’, falls flat for many. It begs the question: Is this brand activism or a poorly brewed PR stunt?

In a digital age, where every move is under the microscope and scrutinised, it is imperative for brands to tread cautiously. While the intentions might be noble, the execution and perception are just as crucial. With the uproar surrounding the ‘Costa Coffee Ad’, perhaps it’s time for brands to re-evaluate their approach to woke trends and understand that sometimes, less is more.

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