Unveiling the Truth: Ocean Gate Sub Incident – a Grand Government Illusion or Genuine Tragedy?

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Unveiling the truth behind the dramatic events of a nation can often feel like peeling back the layers of a tantalizing Hollywood thriller. The Ocean Gate Sub incident, a tale steeped in mystery and suspense, has become a prime example of such narrative complexity. Could this ostensibly tragic event be a grand illusion conjured up by the government to divert public attention from escalating political dramas? This in-depth analysis unravels the twists and turns of the Ocean Gate Sub saga, shedding light on a potential strategic act of deflection masterminded amidst a flurry of contentious political events.

In the theatre of global psyops, the Ocean Gate Sub incident presented an enthralling drama of Hollywood proportions. However, beneath the tragic spectacle of a submarine lost to the abyss, there lurked a strategic act of deflection, a grand illusion designed to divert the public gaze from a series of disconcerting revelations unfolding within the United States.

The world, entranced by the fate of the Ocean Gate Sub, remained largely oblivious to significant incidents concerning the Bidens corruption saga and the Epstein case. The disclosure of email exchanges between JP Morgan and the infamous Jeffrey Epstein emerged, shortly followed by the disconcerting news that a staggering 47 million of these emails were “mistakenly” purged from existence. Concurrently, President Biden found himself in the crucible of an impeachment vote in the House. Amidst this political tempest, the Pentagon executed an unintended financial transfer of an astronomical $6 billion to Ukraine. Hunter Biden, amidst controversy, received a mere slap on the wrist, while an FBI whistleblower mysteriously vanished from the radar. Meanwhile, John Durham’s congressional hearing was convened, casting a spotlight on the intricacies of the Russia Hoax.

Publicly, the ill-fated Ocean Gate Sub embarked on its 4000m descent into the unknown at the break of dawn on June 18th. Communication with the vessel was abruptly lost a mere 2hrs and 17mins into its journey. The submarine, designed to emit a location ‘ping’ every quarter of an hour, sent its final signal at 10 am, after which an eerie silence ensued. The sub was scheduled to resurface at 5.15 pm, but its failure to emerge from the depths prompted a swift alarm. The world stood in bated breath, counting down the crew’s depleting oxygen supply. A glimmer of hope emerged in the form of alleged Morse code tapping detected on the Thursday, but ultimately, the sub was claimed by the ocean depths after the ominous sound of an implosion and a debris field were detected by the US Coast Guard.

However, the purported reality was a stark departure from this riveting narrative. The truth, as it emerged, was that US authorities were privy to the sub’s implosion on Sunday, the precise moment communication was severed. Instead of disclosing this, the authorities deftly fed the media a tale of Morse code knocking and relentless search efforts for a sub they knew was obliterated four days prior.

As if we needed another example, the Ocean Gate Sub incident demonstrated the Machiavellian machinations that can be employed to manipulate public attention at the hands of the Government, particularly when a narrative is as engrossing as this. This incident is another masterclass of classic psychological operation tactics, replete with the required political subplot that conveniently benefits those executing the operation. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to question everything. A discerning eye must be cast when narratives are universally pushed unchallenged, or when political angles conspicuously benefit one side or are immediately available. If a real-world event bears the hallmarks of a cinematic plot, it should be treated with a requisite dose of scepticism until incontrovertible evidence proves otherwise.


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