quote left icon People are less than whole unless they gather themselves voluntarily into groups of souls in harmony. Gathering themselves to pursue individual, family, and community dreams consistent with their private humanity is what makes them whole; only slaves are gathered by others.quote right icon

~ John Taylor Gatto ~

Solutions Over Obstacles

These days, it’s harder than ever to be a parent. We compete for attention and relevance with social media as it is, and now we have to counter-parent with hostile teachers, school administrators, and even members of the press. In this group, we’ll work together to find ways over and around these obstacles, so we can focus on what matters most: better education for our children!


Support When You Need It

With calls each week you‘ll have multiple opportunities each month to get support from your fellow members. Whether you need to get ideas from others or get feedback about ideas of your own, or just want to talk through your options before making big decisions, we’ll be here for you.

A Private Space To Share

As cathartic as it can be to share our frustrations on social media, it can make us vulnerable to criticism and even attacks from those who do not have our children’s best interests at heart. This is a private, members-only group. We will never record our meetings, and your private information will never be shared or sold.

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Private Support Calls

Facebook groups are free, but you’re subject to censorship by sometimes agenda-driven moderators. You also can’t count on support at all, never mind in a timely manner. The Reason We Parent offers you the privacy of a members-only environment, moderated by a recognized leader in the parental rights and education reform movement who understands what you’re going through on many levels.


Resource Hub

Your membership entitles you to access a members-only, curated list of parenting and education resources to help you customize your child’s education, and coach you through today’s parenting challenges. This resource is updated with new material almost daily, searchable using tags tailored to the questions you’re most likely to have, and ad-free!

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Network With Likeminded Parents

It can be hard to find judgment-free support from people who share your values and worldview, but that’s what you will get at The Reason We Parent! The goal here is to help you protect your family and your children from toxic ideas that dominate the education landscape now, and likely for the foreseeable future. You can do that more easily with support from others working on the same project!

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Promotional Oppotunities

Are you a content creator, parental rights activist, teacher, or education entrepreneur? Promote your work to your target audience using the “Promo” channel on our private Discord server! Whenever you plan an event, host a summit, create a video, write an article, or have a service to offer other members of our community, post it and not only might you find more audience or clients, but you’ll also find people eager to help you market yourself to others outside the community, for FREE!


Safe. Secure. Solve

We will never sell your private information, reveal “real names” if you choose to use an alias during meetings, or repeat what you say elsewhere. This is a support group and, as such, will follow strict confidentiality guidelines. What happens in this group, stays in this group.

What You Get


Central Content Hub

Experience the convenience of a centralized hub, where we’ve streamlined content access by eliminating the need to check multiple platforms. Find all our latest offerings in one place, from insightful articles to engaging videos and podcasts, ensuring you’re always in the loop with ease.

General Chat

Gain access to a private section where you can freely exchange ideas and insights with fellow community members. This secure space is ideal for candid discussions, offering a platform away from external interference. It’s a perfect place to connect and engage with like-minded individuals.

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Promo Channel

To foster a sense of shared ownership and support within our community, we actively promote member-led initiatives and projects. We offer a dedicated space where you can post links and promote your own content, ensuring visibility and engagement from the entire community.


Share & Post Links

It is impossible to be on top of all the great content out there and when you find something good, you automatically want to share it with those you think would find it useful, now you can! We encourage you to share relevant content you find to fellow community members.

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Attend Live Webinars

Join me and our active community for exclusive webinars featuring occasional guest speakers and numerous opportunities for interaction. These sessions are tailored to bring you important news and updates about the topics important to you.

10% Merch Discount

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Community Call

Join our community calls for a relaxed and secure environment to unwind and chat with fellow members. Rest assured these sessions are never recorded, ensuring your privacy. While we encourage participation, it’s completely optional.

Resource Hub

Access a valuable archive of resources as a member, encompassing a wide range of pertinent topics. This ever-evolving collection is at your fingertips, offering on-demand access whenever you need it. Dive into this repository for insights and information relevant to your interests and needs.

20% Merch Discount

You will get a 20% discount which you can use as many times as you wish for the life of your membership at The Reason We Learn™ store where we have a vast range of merch that does the talking for you! Moreover, these codes can be used in addition to most of our public discounts!

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Affiliate Programme

We champion word-of-mouth promotion and reward advocates of our mission. As a Rhetorician member, offer a 10% discount to new signups and earn a 10% commission yourself! Choose to receive this as a voucher, cash deposit, or use it to offset a membership upgrade. It’s an excellent way to benefit while expanding our community.


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Give The Gift Of Reason

This Christmas you can gift someone in your life with a membership to The Reason We Learn™. Whether you have a friend or loved one who feels alone in this struggle, show them they are anything but by inviting them to start their journey in the company of like-minded freedom fighters seeking to ensure better education, one child at a time.