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A Membership That Pays To Be Part Of!

Boost your earnings as an affiliate! You could earn up to a whopping $140* on a single signup. Imagine the possibilities. Start now!

*Maximum commission example based on Lifetime Collaboration membership before Stripe fees.

The Ultimate Experience

Get access to everything WOKESCREEN™ has to offer with our collaboration membership which gives you access to not only the full perks of WOKESCREEN but also to our other communities such as The Reason We Learn™ and The Reason We Parent™!

1  This offer is exclusively on products from The Reason We Parent™ Range unless otherwise stated.

2  To protect our support group, monthly subscribers must pay the first two months’ fees upfront. Your regular $10 billing resumes in the third month. Annual subscribers get immediate access. For more information, please read our Terms And Conditions



Gain access to a private section where you can freely exchange ideas and insights with fellow community members. This secure space is ideal for candid discussions, offering a platform away from external interference. It’s a perfect place to connect and engage with like-minded individuals.

Community Call

This is where you can seek advice, share news, or just blow off steam with likeminded people in a private, supportive, and respectful environment.



Join us and our active community for exclusive webinars featuring occasional guest speakers and numerous opportunities for interaction. These sessions are tailored to bring you important news and updates about the topics important to you.

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Share and Post Links and Files

It is impossible to be on top of all the great content out there and when you find something good, you automatically want to share it with those you think would find it useful, now you can! We encourage you to share relevant content you find to fellow community members.

Affiliate Programe

Specific members get access to our affiliate program that sees users of your code get 10% off and you receive 10% commission on every signup. This is one of the most generous rewards programmes around!


Access a valuable archive of resources as a member, encompassing a wide range of pertinent topics. This ever-evolving collection is at your fingertips, offering on-demand access whenever you need it. Dive into this repository for insights and information relevant to your interests and needs.

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To foster a sense of shared ownership and support within our community, we actively promote member-led initiatives and projects. We offer a dedicated space where you can post links and promote your own content, ensuring visibility and engagement from the entire community.

Store Discount

A huge benefit of membership is a discount to the WOKESCREEN™ store across our full Originals Range of products as well as select products from the Culture Warrior Range.

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Experience the convenience of a centralized hub. Find all our latest offerings in one place, from insightful articles to engaging videos and podcasts, ensuring you’re always in the loop with ease.