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I am passionate about the pursuit of truth no matter how many stones need turning. Is the job of a journalist to ask questions no one wants to ask and to separate fact from fiction.

I have always said that I lack the capacity to add the ongoing situation in the middle east to my list of concerns, while also stating that my heart goes out to the innocent individuals on all sides of that barbaric situation. There are far too many people better equipped and more focused and invested in that issue to see any use in me wading in and giving my ill-informed 2¢.

Where I see my skills better placed is looking at the bigger principles here of the threat against over the top reactive measures that sees the curtailing of everyones free speech and freedoms in general.

This Saturday I criticised Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, for what in my expert opinion was a disingenuous framing of the events of his story. I criticise him and other like him for, in my view, bad faith actors, not as members of a tribe. There are those who have actively called him out for what is seeming more and more like a rinse and repeat pattern by Mr Falter to stir the pot with an ‘ends justify the means’ mentality.

My position is that while I largely agree with what he is trying to achieve, if the foundations of that change are based on lies and are generally rotten, what message does that send and what precedent dose that set?

I vehemently believe that when your principles become conditional and relative, they cease to be principles and instead become positions.

Therefore, I want to once again, in light of all the allegations levelled by Mr Falter, attended a protest organised by him this Saturday to see for myself with no tribal affiliation or agenda, to assess how these events unfold, the response, the policing style, and other elements that are otherwise ripe for manipulation, whether it be by detractors, the MSM, or the activists in favour.

This will be a two day trip which would just require a hotel and travel and if this is something you would like to support, please drop some coins below.

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