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Question everything. read between the lines.

CrowdSource is the show that brings you into the story. Hosted by Kieran White, we aim to bring you some of the most interesting stories of the moment and allow you to have your say.

Every story we read touches more lives than the number of people who will ever read that story. Understanding the downstream effects and interconnectedness of each and every narrative we are fed is the first step in sifting fact from propaganda. This is narrative control. Be uncontrollable.


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China’s New Patriotic Education Law: What You Need to Know!

China’s New Patriotic Education Law aims to instil national pride across various spheres of life, including education, arts, and media. The draft legislation, building on the CCP’s history of propagandising nationalism, outlines comprehensive measures to promote patriotic values, reflecting both continuity and innovation in the nation’s approach to fostering a shared sense of identity.

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Unraveling the Supreme Court Ruling: A Powerful Debate on Freedom and Discrimination

The recent Supreme Court ruling favouring a Colorado Christian web designer has sparked intense debates nationwide. This landmark case, which centres around the designer’s refusal to create websites promoting same-sex marriages due to religious beliefs, brings forth challenging questions about personal freedom, the free market, and the delicate balance between societal norms and individual beliefs. Amid the uproar, this article aims to delve deeper into the implications of this Supreme Court ruling and its broader impact on our society.

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ESG and Stakeholder Capitalism: The Unseen Threat to Freedom of Speech?

As ESG and Stakeholder Capitalism gain unprecedented global influence, concerns around their potential misuse are escalating. Often hailed as principles fostering ethical business practices, these concepts are now being scrutinised for their potential to compromise democratic values. This article delves into how ESG and Stakeholder Capitalism silence political dissent, particularly with instances of debanking seen in the UK banking industry.

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Unleashing Controversy: Emphasising Business Freedom to Discriminate in a Free Market Economy

In today’s complex societal structure, one divisive issue stands out: should businesses have the freedom to discriminate based on race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation? In this highly charged argument, many are quick to shut down the notion, citing blatant injustice. Yet, a deeper dive into the issue presents a counterintuitive perspective, particularly when viewed through the lens of libertarianism. This discourse isn’t about championing discrimination but rather about arguing for the autonomy of businesses to make their own decisions and deal with the subsequent societal and economic repercussions. Herein lies the crux of the controversy – the paradox of business freedom to discriminate in the grand scheme of a free market economy.

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