Biden & TikTok: 2024 Strategy Echoes China’s 50¢ Army?

by | Apr 13, 2023 | CROWDSOURCE™ | 0 comments

In an age of increasing digital communication and dwindling traditional media consumption, President Biden’s potential re-election campaign for 2024 is leveraging the influence and reach of social media platforms to engage with young voters. Taking a leaf out of China’s infamous 50¢ Army playbook, the strategy revolves around connecting with influential digital personalities across various platforms, namely Instagram and TikTok, to disseminate political messages effectively. This approach illustrates a deeper understanding of the current digital landscape and acknowledges the vital role of non-traditional media platforms in shaping public opinion.

President Biden’s potential re-election campaign is reportedly engaging with social media influencers to target young voters and counter the massive following of former President TrumpAxios reports that Biden’s digital strategy team is connecting with influencers across the nation to reach those who may not follow the White House or Democratic Party on social media or have tuned out mainstream media altogether. This modern political tactic is drawing comparisons to China’s infamous 50¢ Army, a group of internet commentators paid by the Chinese government to manipulate public opinion.

According to Axios, hundreds of unpaid, independent content creators have been given access to Biden’s White House, and a dedicated White House briefing space for influencers is being considered. This shift in communication methods signals an acknowledgement of the power and importance of non-traditional media platforms in the current political landscape.

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