Far Left Destabilisation Plan For Trump Election


The prevailing narrative online suggests that the situation unfolding on US college campuses is unprecedented. However, this perspective overlooks a critical point: over the past few years, we’ve observed a familiar playbook of attempted revolutions. It’s essential to recognize that this phenomenon has evolved into a global movement, with campus uprisings emerging on every continent.

Marxists adeptly manipulate individuals as pawns, exploiting various groups until their utility diminishes, at which point they are discarded. Many of these groups align with either Leninist or Trotskyist ideologies, providing insight into their motivations and tactics.

While abhorrent incidents often dominate headlines and evoke strong emotional reactions online, it’s imperative to adopt a broader perspective. By contextualising these events within the global narrative, we can discern their true nature: an attempted revolution.

Just as ‘Queer’ has little to do with the genuine LGBT ‘community’, and movements like BLM and CRT aren’t fundamentally attacks on white individuals, these movements possess downstream consequences. These consequences conflations are more features, not bugs used to mask the true ideological underpinnings of these events to create a WOKESCREEN.

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