Dehumanization in the West: The Effective Sterilisation of the Mind, Body, and Soul

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Dehumanization in the West: The world is undergoing a profound transformation, one that seeks to eradicate the essence of what it means to be human. An unsettling trend has emerged in recent years, aimed at sterilizing various aspects of our lives, from the mind and body to the soul. This insidious agenda, driven by sinister powers, pursues domination by suppressing the authentic human experience and substituting it with artificial alternatives. The consequences are dire, as we witness the dismantling of natural human experiences and the imposition of control over our very existence. From invasive medical procedures on minors in the name of ‘gender-affirming care’ to the rise of artificial intelligence and the sanitization of everything in the COVID-19 era, it is impossible to ignore the dark shadow looming over our society. In this article, we will delve into the disturbing consequences of this dehumanizing trend and explore the forces behind it, exposing the true motives that threaten our individuality, autonomy, and ultimately, our humanity.

An unsettling trend has emerged in recent years, aimed at sterilising various aspects of our lives, from the mind and body to the soul. We are witnessing efforts to dismantle natural human experiences, replacing them with artificial constructs designed to exert control over our very existence. Whether it’s minors undergoing literal sterilising procedures in the name of ‘gender-affirming care’ or the manipulation of human expression, it’s difficult to ignore the dark shadow looming over our society.

Disturbing stories of children having their bodies permanently altered to conform to ideological beliefs have become all too common. Surgical procedures, such as phalloplasty and vaginoplasty, highlight the extreme measures taken to validate what is ultimately a psychological disorder. While adults with gender dysphoria may find relief through personal decisions, the focus should be on the artificial and ideological push to experiment with and irreversibly change our most vulnerable members – our children. The resulting alterations lead to severe side effects, including infertility and lifelong medical conditions. Although the true motives behind this unnatural phenomenon remain speculative, the driving force is undoubtedly gender ideology.

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is another facet of this coordinated sterilisation attempt. People are enticed by the promise of convenience, only to find themselves unemployed, devoid of privacy, and lacking autonomy. As a creative, I am particularly alarmed by the emergence of ‘AI Art’ – a concept I believe to be fundamentally oxymoronic. The absence of a soul prevents AI from ever truly creating art, and at a practical level, AI relies on unauthorised works by human creators. Unlike previous industrial or technological revolutions, AI aims to subjugate human identity and foster a co-dependency on technology, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

The COVID-19 era brought about various consequences and facilitated numerous agendas, not least the sanitisation of everything. Looking back to the early days of 2020, we were bombarded with propaganda insisting on the use of disinfectants for our groceries, quarantining intimate objects, and donning masks, gloves, face shields, and hand sanitisers. The vaccine being the biggest tool for this agenda requires no elaboration. This concerted effort sought to instil germaphobia, a reliance on pharmaceutical interventions, rather than embracing our natural biological defences, and an unhealthy desire for saftyism. However, this is not a new trend – over-prescription of antibiotics, vitamins, and other medications has long sought to override the individual’s ability to take control of their health through improved diet and lifestyle changes.

Proponents of this trend, such as Bill Gates and WEF founder, Klaus Schwab will argue that we now live in a post-pandemic world or are amidst the fourth industrial revolution. They’ll claim that micromanaging every aspect of our lives and mass data collection is for our safety and, most insidiously, for our convenience.

As we survey the landscape, the efforts to dehumanise our existence become painfully clear. A sterile environment, intolerant of variation and deviation, and most importantly, the individual, is being established by pharmaceutical industries, the tech sector, and insidious ideologies. The goal is clear: total control over every facet of human life.

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