Lia Thomas Banned! Trans Athlete Who Exposed Themselves To Female Team Can’t Compete Under New Rules

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In a whirlwind turn of events, Lia Thomas, the transgender swimmer who gained notoriety not only for her athletic prowess but also for her controversial locker room exposure, has been stopped in her tracks. The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has decreed new regulations that could block Thomas’ path to future world-class competitions in the women’s category.

Before her switch to the women’s team at Yale in 2021, Thomas, who previously competed on the men’s team, held a ranking of 554th place in the 200-yard freestyle. But her transition to the women’s arena quickly saw her rise to the top, clinching the national NCAA swimming championship.

FINA, however, has moved swiftly, introducing a new policy barring the majority of biological males from entering women’s events at global tournaments. Under the new rules, transgender athletes would need to have completed their transition before turning 12 to compete in women’s events.

This significant policy change received strong backing, with 71.5% of the governing body voting in its favour. James Pearce, representing FINA’s president, Husain Al-Musallam, clarified the decision, stating that transitioning after the onset of puberty could give athletes an advantage over biological females, leading to unbalanced competition.

It’s worth noting that, despite undergoing testosterone suppression, a requisite by NCAA for a year before joining the women’s team, experts argue Thomas still retains a significant advantage. Renowned physiologists, including Ross Tucker and Mayo Clinic’s Dr Michael Joyner, believe that even with hormone therapy, the benefits of Thomas’ birth gender remain significant.

FINA’s move is not without an alternative. The governing body is reportedly considering the introduction of an “open” category to accommodate transgender athletes. However, it remains uncertain if Thomas will accept this new classification.

While a significant step in the right direction for women, time will tell whether this goes unchellenged. For now, Thomas’ fate in the swimming world remains uncertain.

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