The US Military Transgender Transition Process: An In-depth Look

by | Aug 9, 2023 | CROWDSOURCE™ | 0 comments

In a recent viral clip, US Air Force service member Emmet Connell (@emmettheyo) used the Chinese military-backed social media platform, TikTok, to shed light on the little-known Department of Defence ‘Trans Headquarters’. In the video, the trans male (biologically female) shared insights into the procedure for getting the Department of Defence (DOD) to spearhead their medical transition.

Connell clarified that within the Airforce, any transgender member aspiring to transition medically is required to liaise with a mental health provider. This professional then collates necessary documents to facilitate a trip to Texas, termed as a ‘temporary duty’. He narrated, “When I had my initial meeting with my mental health provider, they said that it was medically necessary for me to transition. I got diagnosed with gender dysphoria and they were like ‘yep, this needs to happen’”. Connell explained the ease with which one can be referred to the so-called ‘Trans HQ’ clinic or THMEU (Transgender Health Medical Evaluation Unit).

The THMEU’s mandate, according to their website, includes serving as a global clinical resource for all Department of the Air Force members pursuing gender transition while serving. Additionally, it acts as a consultative unit for Military Treatment Facility providers and Commanders liaising with transgender service members. They align their clinical recommendations with existing Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of the Air Force (DAF) guidelines, ensuring safe and medically sound transitions. In addition, they oversee profiling of airmen diagnosed with gender dysphoria, optimising readiness and deployability.

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